Become a model

*Please note: We do not hold open call castings. All our interviews are by appointment only.

Please fill out the form below and if we are interested in meeting, or seeing more photos, we will reach out to you directly.

Please Note: We are looking for something different and special.

e-Mail 4 images at

Headshot (Shoulder up)

Mid length ( Waist up)

Profile ( ¾ profile shot)

Full length ( head to toe)

*Important Tips

  • Please have a clean face with little to no makeup (bare face preferred)
  • Keep hair natural and away from your face ( ponytail preferred)
  • Wear a form fitting outfit or bathing suit (leggings, skinny jeans, tank top, bikini/one piece bathing suit)
  • No hats or eyewear
  • No posing - think simple and relaxed
  • Natural light is best
  • Keep background clear of clutter ( white wall proffered)
  • No jewelery (piercings are ok)
  • Please make sure images are not larger than 1MB ( send images to CASTING@SHOTMODELS.NET)